How I Like to Use AI for Presentations (+Best Tools)

How I Like to Use AI for Presentations (+Best Tools)


using AI to automate content creation became a popular trend in 2023.

And while there may be debates about using AI for large-scale production, it is just an incredible time-saver for personal use.

One of my favorite applications of AI is creating presentations, which allows me to express my ideas more effectively and simplify complex topics.

In this article, I will share my approach and highlight the benefits of using AI for more efficient idea sharing.

Enjoy 🙂

Is Using AI to Create Presentations Even Worth It? 🤔

How AI can help create presentations
How AI can help create presentations

If you ask me, using AI to create presentations is just much faster than doing it manually.

And it’s not just my opinion - according to Visme's statistics, 47% of presenters spend over 8 hours designing their slides.

However, creating a presentation layout is only a portion of the overall process. In addition, we need to add texts, supporting data, and relevant visuals.

This is where AI can be highly useful as an assistant, especially if you prefer not to use it for generating entire presentations.

Because, there are many different ways how AI can help you create presentations. Here are some examples:

  • Outlining: As the first step of the content creation process, AI can provide you with an initial sketch of your work and suggest areas to discuss.
  • Visual design: It can help you generate icons, images, and other relevant visual assets to enhance your work.
  • Note-taking: Based on your existing slides, AI can generate notes that will come in handy when you present your work.
  • Presentation design: Dedicated AI presentation tools can help you design your presentations, create layouts, and add animations.
  • Feedback: Lastly, once your presentation is finished, you can ask AI to review it and suggest areas for improvement.

You might be wondering if ChatGPT can do all of this, or whether you need other special tool.

Let's talk about it.

ChatGPT and Presentations

I remember using ChatGPT about a year ago when it became popular, and one of the first things I tried was using it to create a presentation outline.

The results were very impressive at the time. Although now, with all the different AI-powered tools available, it's probably not that big a deal.

However, the fact that the AI chatbot was able to generate a whole presentation outline that made sense was pretty unique at the time. I used it to put together a sketch for a business idea pitch - an SEO Chrome extension that automatically creates internal and external links.

The outline it came up with was really good. The AI started by explaining why this solution could be helpful, then covered its key features, suggested use cases, competitor analysis, and more.

Creating presentation outline with ChatGPT
Creating presentation outline with ChatGPT

When I was creating this presentation, I realized that it would take me a lot of time to do it on my own. However, with the help of AI, I was able to brainstorm ideas much faster and avoid getting stuck.

Of course, ChatGPT can be used for many different tasks besides creating an outline. It can help you generate notes, provide feedback, help with layouts, or organize your slide content.

For example, you can create speaker notes based on your existing slides:

Generating speaker notes with ChatGPT
Generating speaker notes with ChatGPT

If you want to improve your work before presenting it, you can also ask AI to review it and provide feedback. Many AI presentation tools offer this feature, or you can simply use an AI chatbot for the same purpose.

Reviewing slides with ChatGPT
Reviewing slides with ChatGPT
This way, you can receive helpful suggestions to enhance your work and make it more effective.

Currently, it's even possible to use DALL-E to generate images for your work, all within the convenience of one chatbot window. This makes it easier to include visual assets like infographics.

However, despite the power of ChatGPT, there are now dedicated tools made specifically for creating presentations. Their goal is to create an entire separate workspace with AI to make the presentation creation process much faster.

Let's talk about the output they create.

How to Use AI Presentation Tools

Benefits of AI Presentation Tools
Benefits of AI Presentation Tools

Creating slides with the help of AI has become an entire niche, and there are dedicated solutions available just for it.

Some examples of such tools include Tome AI, Gamma AI,, and Decktopus. Each one has some unique features that can help you create slides faster.

The main feature of all these tools is that they allow you to create an entire presentation with AI. Most of the time, you only need to review it for accuracy.

However, the quality of the slides created depends on the type of presentation you are making.

If you're creating slides on a more general topic, you probably won't have any problem using these tools. You also won't have to do much editing, if any, to make the slides look good.

Here's a presentation I created with Tome AI on seven ways to protect the environment.

7 Powerful Ways to Save the Planet: Created with Tome
7 Powerful Ways to Save the Planet: Created with Tome

It's a simple presentation, so it was generated without any problems. And there wasn't a need to make any significant edits to it.

But what if the topic is more specific and requires data that only you have access to?

In such a case, it is possible to provide additional context to the AI. You can do that both ways:

  • Write a more comprehensive prompt with additional data you want the AI to consider.
  • Or some tools will prompt you specifically to provide additional context for the AI to be trained on.

This is something does. You can improve your presentation by training the AI with more information from various sources like web pages, texts, or files.

This will help the AI to include more relevant information in your slides.

One of the things I really like about these AI tools is that they allow me to have complete control over the presentation process. This means I can edit the outline and choose the images I want to include.

I recommend being mindful of this detail when choosing an AI presentation tool.

Editing the outline with Gamma AI
Editing the outline with Gamma AI

There are also other features worth exploring like:

  • Collaboration features
  • Pre-built templates and layouts
  • AI image generation
  • Special slides/blocks that allow for interactive elements

However, more important than a set of features is your preferred way of working with AI. Ask yourself whether you need a comprehensive solution or just an assistant to help you with your existing workflow.

Let's discuss this further.

AI as a Helper, Not a Standalone Solution

There's no one right way to use AI for making slides.

I like to use AI presentation tools that give me full control over the process, with the ability to customize the outline, design, and content. This way, I don't have to stress about creating my own layouts or messing around with animations and other settings.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to follow the same approach.

If you already have a preferred presentation software such as PowerPoint, you can easily continue to use it. The good news is that there are many AI-powered features within the editor that can help speed up the process.

No matter which tool or strategy you choose, here are some non-negotiable guidelines to follow when working with AI:

  • Review every output that you receive from AI.
  • Pay special attention to any statistics, timelines, or charts. The best thing you can do is conduct your own research on these elements.
  • Add personal stories to make your presentation more creative and engaging.

It may be tempting to generate an entire presentation in just one simple prompt without any editing. Fortunately for us humans, this is not the best approach. 😉


What Are the Best AI-Powered Presentation Tools?

You might want to check out tools like, Tome, Gamma, and Decktopus. They can make the process of creating presentations much faster. Plus, they give you the flexibility to tweak and refine your slides.

Can ChatGPT Be Used to Create Presentations?

There are several ways in which ChatGPT can be used to create presentations, such as generating content, visual aids, or assisting with the preparation of speaker notes.

What Are the Benefits of Creating Presentations With AI?

Using AI presentation tools can save you a lot of time. These tools can automatically create layouts, animations, and structure for your presentation, freeing you up to focus on editing your content. So you won't need to worry about designing your presentation from scratch anymore.

What Are the Drawbacks of Creating Presentations With AI?

Using AI to create presentations has its own set of drawbacks, just like any other AI tool. The main issue is that sometimes the generated content may not be 100% accurate or might contain some errors. But the good news is humans can quickly fix these mistakes during the review process.

Final Words

You should now have a better understanding of the different ways in which AI can help in creating presentations.

The best thing about it is that it works best when balanced with your creative and personal touch. Therefore, it is a helpful tool rather than a completely new way of creating slides.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

See you 🖐

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