Review (2024): Stunning AI Presentations Review (2024): Stunning AI Presentations

If you want to learn more about creating presentations with, then this review is for you.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at this tool and answer questions like:

  • What are features?
  • What makes it different from other AI tools for presentations?
  • Will it make you more productive?

Enjoy 🙂

What is website
Image credit: is an AI-powered tool for creating and modifying presentation slides. You can use just one single text prompt to create engaging content that you can tweak later. is a more modern alternative to traditional presentation-creating tools like Powerpoint. It covers all the bases, like composing slides, inserting images, and modifying layouts. And it adds a cherry on top with modern features like creating AI-generated images right within your presentation.

You can use AI in to enrich your text content, generate images for your presentations, or even create an entire presentation. Features

Let's break down the most important features of

Creating Presentations provides two different ways to create content:

  1. With the help of AI: This option lets you generate an entire presentation with artificial intelligence.
  2. Manually: This mode allows you to work independently but still have access to AI bot assistance.
Choosing an option to create presentations using an AI Bot
Make presentations with the AI Bot

The idea of AI creating whole presentations is certainly fascinating, so I'll walk you through this process first. You just have to tell AI what kind of content you want to create.

For example, I asked it to create a new presentation about protecting the environment. I used this simple prompt:

Create a presentation called "7 Ways to Protect the Environment"
Generating presentation with AI
Generating presentation with AI
Another interesting thing: You can improve your presentation by training the AI with more information from various sources like web pages, texts, or files. This will help the AI to include more relevant information in your slides.

The AI can create an entire presentation in just a few seconds, depending on complexity. In my case, it created 13 slides in about 15 seconds.

Here's how it looks:

The most important question now is: how is the quality?

In my opinion, it is generally good. However, keep in mind that many of the slides generated may contain statistics, quotes, or historical timelines, so it's best to review them to ensure that they are indeed accurate.

On the positive side, there aren't many blocks of text in most of the slides, which means that there isn't a lot of unnecessary, fluffy language.

There was one time when I asked the AI to create a listicle with 7 methods on how to become a better developer, and it did a good job. However, when I asked for a presentation with 7 ways to protect the environment, it created 10 ways instead of 7, which wasn't what I had in mind.

So, it's a good idea to be specific about what you want the presentation to be about. If you're creating a list, provide the actual list of item titles to the AI so that it knows what you're looking for.

The bottom line here is that you should always review and edit AI-generated content with personal insights.

AI usually handles most of the heavy lifting, but you can make adjustments to the final output. You have access to a toolbar on the left-hand side, which allows you to change layouts and animations and add new elements.

You also have constant access to AI, which means you can add new AI-generated images or modify your texts.

If you don't want to use AI to generate your presentations, you can also do it the old-fashioned way.

You can simply choose a theme that suits your needs and make changes to it according to your preferences. Alternatively, you can use a starter template that is tailored to the type of presentation you are creating, such as a sales pitch or SEO proposal template.

Presentation templates
Presentation templates

No matter which option you choose, you can still use the same editing capabilities and AI to refine your content.

In my opinion, is a very, very useful tool when it comes to creating slides. It ensures that the presentation looks polished and professional with the right balance of text, images, and animation.

Editing Presentations is awesome for editing your slides and making your presentations look even better. You can add new blocks and animations or let the AI generate some content for you.

You can also ask AI to help you rewrite your text, change up some images, or create new ones. It's very easy - just pick the slide you want to work on, tell the AI what you want to change, and let it do its thing.

For example, I asked the AI bot to make my text sound friendlier.

Changing Tone with AI
Changing Tone with AI

As you can see, editing slides with is quite easy. You almost always get satisfying results in just a few seconds, with minimal to no further editing required.

Adaptive Layouts

You can also easily modify slide layouts and experiment with different placements of text, images, and blocks. The best thing is that the design automatically adjusts to new elements.

That means all texts and images are automatically resized, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Smart Slides

Smart slides
Smart slides

You have the option to use Smart Slides, which are special slides designed to help you organize your content.

You can include various charts, graphs, diagrams, and lists and customize them to meet your requirements. This is particularly useful when you want to enrich your content with data and statistics.

Every slide template is automated, with animations, so you can simply choose the one you like best and update the information.

I think this is my favorite feature of You can use a lot of different slides to improve your presentation. There are many options to choose from, like stats, animations, timelines, quotes, and calendars. It's very easy to make your content more unique!


By default, every slide has animations. They look really good, so I left them untouched. But you can edit them if you want.

You have an option to change the order, timing, and speed of each animation. Plus, you can make your animations click-based, which gives you more control.


Invating collaborators with
Inviting collaborators

You also can work on your presentation with others. Just share your slide decks and let them edit, comment, or view them.

To collaborate with others, hit the Invite button on the right toolbar and add their email addresses. You can also protect your presentations with a password or share a public link. Pricing Pricing Plans Pricing Plans has three pricing plans available:

  • Free: You can use this plan to test out various features of, but it does not include the AI functionality.
  • Pro: This plan provides unlimited slides and access to AI content generation. It is billed annually at $144.
  • Team: This plan starts at $40 per month and offers more collaborative workspace with additional libraries.

The Pros and Cons of

Here's what I enjoyed the most about

  • Speed and Ease of Use: A single prompt and a little bit of tweaking are all you need to create an excellent presentation. And it can be further improved using AI.
  • Using AI for Editing: It's very convenient to change texts with just one click by rewriting, changing tone, length, etc.
  • Adaptive Design: The fact that slides automatically adapt whenever you add new content is really great.
  • In-Built Smart Slides: There are many options to choose from, so you probably won't have any issues finding perfect slides fitting your presentation.

Here are some features I would like to see in the future:

  • Interactive Tiles:  An option to embed more rich visuals like entire websites or gifs would be interesting.
  • AI Chatbot Window: It would be helpful to have a dedicated Chat-GPT window to ask AI for specific tasks like adjusting animations or changing layouts.
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Who Is Beautiful AI For? could be the perfect fit if:

  • You're seeking a reliable, refreshing alternative to standard presentation software. can help you create engaging presentations a few times faster.
  • You're looking for a tool to pitch or showcase your idea more effectively. provides a great platform to demonstrate your product's features and capabilities.

Final Verdict

To wrap things up: is a very interesting tool for showcasing your ideas 10x times faster. What's very important is that it has plenty of features to improve and edit your slides.

I really enjoyed testing, it’s super simple to use. I’d suggest giving it a go, especially if you’re after a more automated approach to creating presentations.

The AI here is a fantastic helper in speeding up the entire process and doing all the monotonous work like creating layouts, automating elements, and generating icons.

I like to view AI as a helper, not a replacement. And this tool does an excellent job of doing just that.

If that sounds intriguing to you, you might enjoy giving a try.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Good luck ✌


Is Free to Use? offers a free version for testing, but AI use requires upgrading to the Pro plan.

What Are the Benefits of Using can help you save time by transforming your initial ideas into stunning presentations using AI technology. It automates the entire process, ensuring the content you generate captures attention. also offers many advanced beautiful slides that can elevate the standard of your presentations.

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